Waiting for the Ink to Dry

A series of journals describing the day in the life of Kelley Bright, an aspiring actress, director, writer and all around artist. Hiding and, more often, displaying unbecoming emotions at the most poignant times is my specialty. This should be interesting...

Monday, April 17, 2006

woe is my show

I had every intention of having rehearsal today. However, whe I woke up with my head pounding, my stomach aching, my nose drizzling and my voice nearly gone, I had to cancel. Michelle came over anyway to help me work on the wings. So I pulled all the stuff out, took a break, started sweating, and then it hit me. I was going to throw up all over her. I told her the situation, and she left quickly. Ten seconds later I threw up. And threw up... and threw up.
To add to this rancid, crippling feeling, we really needed that rehearsal time. But what can I do? I can barely walk to the bathroom to get a new roll of tissue paper. We just have to hit it hard tomorrow after school. I am not going to any classes, but I am going to hit rehearsal because we open in mere days.
Send a little prayer up for me because I would like to see my one act go on.
Tomorrow I turn 18. If I feel like this, it is seriously going to suck.


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