Waiting for the Ink to Dry

A series of journals describing the day in the life of Kelley Bright, an aspiring actress, director, writer and all around artist. Hiding and, more often, displaying unbecoming emotions at the most poignant times is my specialty. This should be interesting...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So everything is cancelled. It sucks. Hard work, money, all down the drain. I guess at some point you just have to let go. I made grades. I did the work I needed to do. I prepared. .... Its not as if I am heart broken... or even incredibly bummed. I actually feel okay, which is odd because I would normally be angry. I think I feel let down. I feel sorry for my cast members who did make grades, and the musical people like me who made grades. I love doing the musical project... but I would rather put on the show. I had a good part. Finally, I get one where I get to sing and act.... Oh, well. What can you do? I think I am going to take my cast out, assuming I can access my bank account. They deserve it. I deserve it. They also deserve to go onstage. But I can only give them dinner. :)


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