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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Totally One Acts

Okay, so today is the first day I have spent some alone time at home in my room doing my homework in a long time. I am really going to fill whoever reads this stupid blog (Sean and Nick) in on what is going on in my One Act. From day one to where I am at today, I am just going to pound it out. Be prepared for a long read.
I chose this one act because it suits me. I am a John Wayne girl. I am a John Proctor freak. I believe in the good guy who makes bad decisions, but at the end of the day he wants to do the right thing. I love the moral dilemma. Some people like to see car chases or drawn out battle scene, but I just like to see the good guy make a hard, but honest decision. That is exactly what my one act gave me. The interesting little pinch in Two Éclairs is that you love the discoursed man through the eyes of the woman who loves him. It would seem that this perspective isn’t ideal, that I would need more man. But the leading lady in the show is so exuberant- so happy and content, fairy tale even, it adds everything. And as a woman, the story becomes more relatable. The hard part of the show is getting the audience to feel about the leading man how I feel about him. I love him, but am disappointed in him. I am totally up for the challenge though. I really believe I can do it, and I believe Jaylon can get there. Once again… Sonya has it down. My only apprehension with her is that struggles with the more dramatic aspects of the show. But she has so much potential.
Casting was the easy part, which is funny because I think all of the directors got who they wanted. It was just the way the cookie crumbled. I’ve already described the process in an earlier blog. The main thing for me was emotions, not so much reading. Once again, I am a girl; I relate to feelings. Eric, who I was seriously considering, gave me good lines. Jaylon wasn’t at all. When I made the two of them have sort of a “feel off,” Jaylon astounded me. At this age, I don’t think cold reads work. I am so glad I had them improve emotions because I really believe I ended up with a perfect cast because of it. I feel like I did something smart. I could have ended up with a good cast, and a good show. But I feel now that I have a great show and great cast.
Tech wise I have no clue where to start. Let’s be honest, lights and sets are beyond me. I really am trying to learn though. I have a basic, simple idea of the set, but I think I need some help from an experienced person. The more I think about it, the more frustrated I become. It seems like a math-y skill that I just don’t have. I know I want a table, with four chairs, maybe only two, defiantly NOT three. I also want a designated work space. I want a semi-large platform for the leading man’s, mark’s, artist area. This is where the airplane wing and maybe an easel will be. I want everything to be bright. I want the room to glow. I need to have a door that leads from the outside to the apartment; I think I want to put it in the far upstage center, and move the legs in to make the space smaller. I also need another exit to the bedroom. I just don’t want things to look funny. I need to talk to someone about this.
Music wise I am good. The play revolves around the two éclairs and the flying dream, more so the dream. I want to open the show with Mr. Sandman, the original version. How awesome would it be hear bum bum bum bum bum bum bad a bum bum bum ba da? SO GREAT. At the end of the show, I’d like to find a more punk, maybe male version of the same song, either that or a more melancholy version. The thing is the play ends hopefully. I don’t want to give the wrong impression to the audience. Tread lightly.
Lighting… I don’t think I have too much say because of the intricate lighting of the other shows, but I know I want it bright. I am going to talk to Jerry.
I schedule a first rehearsal for last Monday. Jaylon called me that morning and told me he couldn’t come. It was totally okay. We have plenty of time. I would like to get the ball rolling soon though. Sonya is going out of town tomorrow, so there isn’t much I can do until next week when she gets back. It looks like I won’t be able to rehearse for at least two weeks though because my life is going to Hades in a hand basket quickly when it comes to time. I did pass out some scripts though, and I know Jaylon has been working on lines. He asked me for some delivery help a few days ago. That really excites me.
I have given a lot of thought to costumes. Sonya’s character, Maude, is fluffy, excited, exuberant, but she is professional. She is coming home from work, which means she can’t be in casual clothes. Because of her flying dream, the integral part of the script, I need her to look like her personality. I thought I should put her in a white business suit with baby blue undershirt, shoes, and accessories. White and blue equals clouds, she’ll look like the sky. I love it, because it is happy and joyful and it illustrates the dream. Michelle’s character, Beth, is the little college age sister, and essentially the antagonist so I want to put her in blacks, and grays, stormy colors. But I want her to not be her- dark make-up, leggings, black jacket, and random band shirt. Jaylon is a not-working artist- enough said. To be honest, dressing men is a little foreign to me so I have a little more research to do before I announce that.
When we get to blocking, which won’t be for a while because I want to do a lot of table work, I am feeling semi-confidant. I took a stab at it with A Midsummer Night’s Dream when Sean was gone one day, and I know that way I operate. I know what I want. I think I did a pretty decent job, and I know what I would need to improve on. I couldn’t really describe how I do it… but I think it’s a little similar to Sean’s method. At least in the basics.
Alright, I think I am done now. I just didn’t want my cast to be gypped, especially if they saw what Nick Jackson is doing with his blog. Hopefully, that gives you a little more of a sense of my artistic vision. I am tired. Bye.


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I just read it and u=your right here and we discussed it. Great analysis of characters kell. we've talked about all your idea's a lot, and you know I'm feeling it. Loving Maud's costume.

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