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A series of journals describing the day in the life of Kelley Bright, an aspiring actress, director, writer and all around artist. Hiding and, more often, displaying unbecoming emotions at the most poignant times is my specialty. This should be interesting...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Call backs for the One Acts was... Interesting. I was so sure about my cast. I knew Sonya was going to do a beautiful job with the leading lady in my show. She was ridiculously perfect everything she read. It made my job easy. The first day of auditions, Jaylon tried out, and he did a great job with his monologue. I really liked what I saw. The second day, more men auditioned. I really seriously began to look at Eric Redman for the leading role. He didn't prepare a monologue, but his cold read was really good.
This is what got me: I saw what Jaylon could do when he prepared something, and it was really good. But Eric had good instincts and I could tell I could get him where he needed to be. I really wish that EVERYONE had prepared a monologue. Having either/or was really frustrating to me. After both days of auditions, I felt that Eric would be the best man for the play. I called both of them back, though.
Alright, so on Thursday, I take my "ideal" cast of Sonya and Eric back, I have them both read together. He did a good job. And of course Sonya was amazing. He had a decent read through. Then I took Jaylon and him read the same thing. His cold read was not working. Some people are just not natural at it, and I could tell he was struggling.
I didn't want to just write him off, because I knew what he was capable of. So I had both of them put down their scripts, and I gave Jaylon different directions like yell at Sonya for doing something stupid, tell her to get out, it's your first date, or its your first x-mas morning as a married couple, ect. He blew me out of the water. It was amazing. He had the right emotions, and proved that he understood the script and the character. I was floored. It came from no where. I was so jazzed.
I called Eric back and had him do the same thing, but he didn't have enough passion. When he yelled, his voice got strangled in the back of his throat. He did a decent job, but the masculinity of Jaylon and his fervor was totally incomparable.
I ended up casting Sonya (duh!) and Jaylon (double duh!). The sister, Beth, will be Michelle Lopez, mainly because of the image. She looks related to Sonya, and she is capable of acting the part well. All in%


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